Gaston Cantens: Florida Crystals Corporation will Collaborate with the Port of Palm Beach to Develop an Intermodal Logistics Center

Florida Crystals Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Port of Palm Beach to help with the development, construction and operation of an intermodal logistics center, which the company has planned for western Palm Beach County.

The Intermodal Logistics Center will be crucial to capture the expanded trade that is expected to dramatically increase after the completion of the Panama Canal expansion in three years.

The Port of Palm Beach is working to enlarge its physical footprint and to add new infrastructure and intermodal capabilities.  According to Gaston Cantens, Florida Crystals is in the perfect position to collaborate with the Port on this important project.  Florida Crystals is an existing agro-industrial company and landowner with tremendous experience and resources in western Palm Beach County.

“Florida Crystals is excited to enter into an alliance with the Port of Palm Beach to bring the South Florida Intermodal Logistics Center project to fruition,” said Gaston Cantens, Florida Crystals’ spokesman and vice president.

The Memorandum of Understanding shows acontinued commitment from Florida Crystals and the Port of Palm Beach to the development of an Intermodal Logistics Center.

The sugar company has proposed an 850-acre site for the Intermodal Logistics Center located between the cities of South Bay and Belle Glade that is close to key infrastructure, including U.S. Highway 27, enterprise zones and rural areas of critical economic concern.

Cantens also pointed to the positive results the project would have on the rural communities who urgently need economic development and job creation.

“Our collaboration will help both parties realize the job generating opportunities, economic development and market potential an Intermodal Logistics Center creates for our region, and we are excited to help bring the project to life in western Palm Beach County, where the unemployment level in the communities has reached 40 percent,” said Cantens.

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